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Nye and Street Mtns

On this trip, I was accompanied by Dittl, Mitch, and Trevor This was Trevor's first high peak, and with all the guys up for our birthday weekend, we got a late start. We left the LOJ just before 10 am.

We did have a little trouble crossing the stream but we still managed to get to the summit of nye in two and a half hours and another thirty minutes to the summit Street.

If you continue over the summit of Street about 100ft is a rock with a great view of algonquin iroquois and wright.

Trail notes,

Beautiful day, 60° and sunny. Snow halfway up and pretty slippery. Dressed too warm. Didn't need the long johns. Took about 1:45 to get back to the car. Lake Placid Pub for food and brews after.

Time: 6 hrs, Distance: 9 miles

46er count

Trevor 2

Michael 2

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