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Allen Mountain

Allen Allen Allen. I decided if I was going to become a 46er, I was going to get some of the hardest peaks done first. Little did I know at the time, I had picked one of the hardest. This can be the most dreaded peak for a 46, but it turned in to one of my favorites that I will never do again. There was a lot of mud, a water crossing, snow and a 6.5-mile hike to the base.

I drove up Friday night with the intent of sleeping in the hammock just of the trailhead. Well…. I got scared. Yes, I know I’m a big guy and shouldn’t be scared of anything. I retreated to the car and folded the seats back in the Jetta and settled in for the night.

Allen Trailhead

I woke up the next morning around 5 am ready to go. The first 5 miles is some of the muddiest trails in the Adirondacks I have ever hiked. Lake Jimmy and Sally were Beautiful this early in the morning and the loons were singing my tune.

The river crossing was COLD. I dawned my crocs and took off my pants and plunged into the river. It was a quick wade to the outer side. I walked up to where the bridge used to be and changed quickly, hiding my crocs and wet boxers in the wood to be retrieved on the way back.

It was late in the day the time I made the base of Allen, and I was beat. As I climbed higher, the snow started to fill. I felt bad for the trail and trees as I clung to the side. As I reached the top it seemed like the mountain pitched to 30 °s in an attempt to kick me off.

I have no clue how long it took me to get to the summit, but it was worth it. After about a 20 min break I headed back down. At this point, I was exhausted and quit taking pictures. I do remember crossing the river and deciding it wasn’t worth the energy to take my crocs off, which worked out because the next 2 miles are some old road.

By the time I made it to the trailhead, I knew I could do anything, and the rest of the peaks would be cake in comparison. I do not recommend anyone making this one of their first ten peaks. However, definitely something worth crossing off the list early.

Trail Notes

Michael 3 of 46

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