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Dial & Nippletop

View 3/4 of the way up Bear Den

Disclaimer I’m writing this post three years later to fill the blog with more content, 7-15-16

Nippletop, 4620 ft

Dial, 4020 ft

12 ½ mile

4500 feet elevation Gain.

If you’re just staring the 46ers, I think dial and Nippletop loop are two good peeks to get early as it will give you some “training” for longer hikes. The parking lots has been filling up earlier as of recently (2019).

It’s a 12 ½ mile round-trip from the Adirondack Mountain Reserve (AMR) gate. With an elevation gain of 4500 feet. Which for me was in the sweet spot of distance and maximum elevation gain for my fitness level at the time. For reference to my fitness level at this point I was running a 5K at a 11:24 pace twice a week. This entire hike took me about 7hr.

If this is your first hike up Dial and Nippletop I would highly recommend taking the route up H.G. Leech trail. Because it gives you the best view early in the morning from bear den and If you have time remaining on the way back from you could stop at Indian head which adds less than a mile to your hike and a spectacular view.

Elevation profile of Dial and Nippletop

View from Dial Mtn

View of dix between Dial and Nippletop

My no view from the top of Dial

View from Indian Head overlooking ausable lake.

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