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Table Top and Phelps

Trevor was busy this week, so I headed to the LOJ to Hike Table Top (TT) and Phelps. This was a Quick hike for me, so expect more pictures and fewer words.

I left the LOJ by 7 am covering the 2.5 miles to Marcy dam in about 50 minutes and another hour and a half to TT.

From TT to Phelps, it’s 2.5 miles, and at a slower pace, I reached Phelps little before noon.

I felt so good once I got off the Phelps and back to the van Hoevenberg trail I jogged the trail down to Marcy dam. I must have been out back to the LOJ by 2 PM.

Trail notes:

get stuff done

Time: 6 hrs ish , Distance: 11.5 miles, Elevation Gain: 3917

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